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Yesterday we did a Flashmob in my hometown, Almería. You can recognize me easily, I´m the big guy with the beard ^^…
  • Listening to: Beach House - Bloom
  • Reading: Biomega
  • Watching: The Hobbit
  • Playing: L.A. Noire
  • Eating: tapas
  • Drinking: beer
I just began designing miniatures! we´ve launched the crowfunding campaign for the first one -

He empezado a diseñar minis! Acabamos de lanzar la campaña de crowfunding para la primera -
  • Listening to: Tim Hecker - The Ravedeath 1972
  • Reading: Vertigo: Winter´s Edge
  • Watching: Punch-Drunk Love
  • Playing: Hotline Miami
  • Eating: homemade burrito
  • Drinking: Orange fanta
Featured in this week creative chain among with two of the finest illustrators I know (which also happen to be very good friends of mine): Paco Rico - and Lucas Soriano -…. You can see the article here -…


Me han puesto en la "creative chain" de esta semana, al lado de dos de los mejores ilustradores que conozco (que curiosamente son muy buenos amigos): Paco Rico - and Lucas Soriano -…. Podéis leer el artículo aqui -…
  • Listening to: Do make say think - The other truths
  • Reading: Lucifer
  • Watching: Bachelor Party
  • Playing: Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition
  • Eating: Papas en ajopollo y sanjacobos caseros
  • Drinking: cold water
I´ve reopened my old blog with the sole purpose to upload the little doodles and sketches I do most of the time I´m not working :P

Here it is fellas! -
  • Listening to: Pixies - Doolittle
  • Reading: Chtulhu Mythos
  • Watching: Adventure Time
  • Playing: Rage
  • Eating: nothing... doh!
  • Drinking: Wataaaah
Here you can see it :P -…
  • Listening to: Mew - Frengers
  • Reading: Mort Cinder... Again
  • Watching: Once upon a time
  • Playing: Bulletstorm
  • Eating: Sandwich
  • Drinking: Pinneapple juice
Here you can find it :P…

Aquí está el artículo…
  • Listening to: Mogwai - Mr. Beast
  • Reading: Nueva Antología Personal - Jorge Luí
  • Watching: Ghost in the shell: Stand Alone Complex
  • Playing: Dead Space 2
  • Eating: Salad
  • Drinking: Cold Water
I´m nude, smoking my pipe and listening to New Order

Desnudo, fumando en pipa y escuchando a New Order
  • Listening to: Godspeed you! Black Emperor - f#a#∞
  • Reading: Tales of the Chtulhu Mythos - Lovecraft et al.
  • Watching: The Majestic
  • Playing: F.E.A.R.
  • Eating: Homemade Pizza
  • Drinking: Voll Damn beer
Here´s is my imagekind gallery. I made one because some of you guys are asking for posters and things.

Aquí está mi galería de imageking. He hecho una porque algunos de vosotros me estáis pidiendo pósters y demás.
  • Listening to: Cat Power - The Greatest
  • Reading: Roadside Picnic
  • Watching: Django
  • Playing: Stalker: Clear Sky
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Cool Water
I´m selling all my bass gear because I need the money to change my PC Monitor and my Wacom. There´s a list of all my gear and pricing on this link doomstonercommunity.foroactivo…

Vendo todo mi equipo de bajo porque necesito la pasta para cambiar el Monitor del PC y la Wacom. Hay una lista completa del material y precios en este link doomstonercommunity.foroactivo…
  • Listening to: 2mant Dj´s - As heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 9
  • Reading: 32 de Diciembre - Enki Bilal
  • Watching: Escape from Alcatraz
  • Playing: Neverwinter Nights 2
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Cool Water
Todos los grabados que veais en la galería están a la venta al precio de 20e/25$ cada unidad (gastos de envío a España incluidos). Aprovechad que ya van quedando menos!!!!

All the etchings in the gallery are aviable for sale at the price of 20e/25$ each unit. Go go go, there´s only a few of them left!!!
  • Listening to: Godspeed you! Black Emperor - Lift Yr Skinny...
  • Reading: Claus y Simón, los reyes de la evasi&oacute
  • Watching: Ghost in the Shell: SAC
  • Playing: final fantasy tactics a2
  • Eating: Tuna Sandwich
  • Drinking: Water